Why do I need the No Touch Pen?

The self-service industry is booming and so are the germs! We use public touch screens and touch public surfaces every day at the bank, gas station, grocery store, airport self-check-in, train station, and elevator buttons. These public surfaces are contaminated with thousands of harmful germs. Germs on these surfaces are known to carry serious illnesses and diseases like E. coli, the common cold and flu, MRSA, and more. The No Touch Pen provides the solution to avoid contact altogether.


How does the No Touch Pen work?

The No Touch Pen is a patented 3-in-1 (a soft capacitive tip, a hard resistive tip, and an ink pen), made of eco-friendly copper, Antimicrobial stylus and pen that easily attaches and detaches from your keychain, cell phone, lanyard or purse which makes it conveniently accessible, portable, and versatile when you need it.


How is the No Touch Pen different from other stylus products on the market?

Unlike all the other stylus products, the No Touch Pen is specifically designed for use on public touch screens, keypads, and public surfaces. It can also be used on your cell phone and iPad or tablet. It is a useful device for those with thick fingers (you know who you are) or when wearing gloves. Its antimicrobial finish set it apart from other similar products.


What does the Antimicrobial coating do?

The built-in Antimicrobial finish inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi and protects cross contamination with other personal items it may come in contact with.


Isn't handwashing the best way to avoid germs?

Yes, however soap and water are not always readily available at retailers, airports kiosks, ATMs and most other public places . . . that we know of!


Aren't germs everywhere? Why should I care about touching public touch screens and keypads?

Yes, there are germs everywhere but studies have shown harmful germs and bacteria can live up to three weeks on these surfaces. These germs can give you a little tummy ache or full blown flu and worse. We aren't saying you have to care but we do care and want you to have fewer reasons to call in sick and miss important life events.


Are public toilets really cleaner than public touch screens and keypads?

It is the scary truth. Public touch screens and keypards are among the 7 germiest places in America. 


Will the No Touch Pen prevent me and my family from getting sick?

Using the No Touch Pen is a way to decrease the amount of contact you and your family have with dirty public surfaces which decreases your exposure to harmful germs. It will not, however, protect you from airborne cooties.


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